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Inspect the outside ground. Remove any building materials, scrap wood, discarded household items, etc. from the property.

Store garbage cans in the garage.
Check the home from the roof line down.
Is the roof free and clear from obstructions and moss?
Are the gutters clear and neatly hung?
Are the windows clean and free from obstructions (such as overgrown bushes or trees)?
Are bushes, trees and shrubs neatly pruned?
Inspect the condition of the paint or siding.
Is it time to power wash the siding?
Is touch up paint needed?
Is the front door in good shape?
Do flower beds need an upgrade?
Are plants neatly pruned?
Is the bed free and clear of weeds?
Is the bed properly mulched?
Are flowers in bloom?
Keep the lawn neatly groomed.
Is the lawn free from weeds?
Is the lawn free from grass clippings?
Is the lawn neatly edged?

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